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Players Advantage Club

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The Players Advantage Club is your key to the ultimate casino rewards and VIP treatment at Casino Niagara. Earn your way to amazing rewards such as Cashback, hotel stays, meals, concert tickets and exclusive invitations to member’s only events and tournaments.

The Players Advantage Club offers our members more FUN, more EXCITEMENT and more REWARDS. Experience the difference, all while enjoying the experiences that you love.

Membership is FREE.

Play to your level!

Member Benefits

Free Gold Platinum
Cash Back (100 Points = $10) Yes Yes Yes
Meal Comps* Yes Yes
Complimentary Show Tickets* Yes Yes Yes
Complimentary Hotel Stays* Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Meal Credits (amount based on play) Yes Yes
Exclusive Event Invitations* Yes
Complimentary VIP Self-Parking Yes

Must be 19 years of age or older to join. For for full membership guidelines, terms and conditions, visit the Players Advantage Club booth at either Fallsview Casino Resort or Casino Niagara.

*Comps and Offers earned based on level of play. Cash Back is earned through slot play only. Reward Points = Cash back Points + Table Play. Reward Points accumulate within a 6 month period from January to June, and July to December.

Players Advantage Club Brochure

Earn Free Member Rewards! *

Cash Back

Every time you use your PAC card while playing your favorite slot machine you earn POINTS that can be redeemed for CASH.

Earn Your Points » $20 Played = 1 Point *

  • Insert your PAC card into any slot machine
  • Check Your Points » Sign in to your account OR Insert your PAC card into any slot machine
  • Redeem Your Points » 100 Points = $10 Cash — Points can be redeemed at any slot machine. Insert your PAC card into any slot machine. Select "My Account", and follow the instructions.

"Coin-In" refers to the total dollar value of coins or credits circulating through a machine.
* Unless otherwise noted on the machine

Reward Points

Earning Rewards Points is a rewarding experience.

Achieve different card levels by accumulating the minimum points within a six-month time frame. With every wager you'll earn Reward Points that move you closer to Gold or Platinum status. $20 COIN-IN (Slots) = 1 REWARD POINT*. Table players earn Reward Points based on ratings. The more points you earn higher you can go.

Gold Membership
To qualify, earn 1,000 Reward Points

Platinum Membership
To qualify, earn 5,000 Reward Points

Login to your online PAC Account to check your Reward Point balance today!

"Coin-In" refers to the total dollar value of coins or credits circulating through a machine.
* Unless otherwise noted on the machine


Earn comps such as meals, hotel stays, tickets to concerts and more, based on your daily play on slots and table games. Visit the PAC Booth, VIP Player Services or ask a Table Game Supervisor if you qualify.


Want FREE Concert Tickets, EXCLUSIVE Hotel Deals, COMPLIMENTARY Meals, CASH Rewards and MORE? Then get recognized and rewarded for your play, by updating your PAC Profile with a valid mailing address. Offers can then be sent directly to your mailbox. And for additional offers and exclusive information about upcoming concerts and events, update your email address in person at the PAC Booth and become an Online PLAYERS insider.



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